Decades of Experience

I have spent over three decades as an advocate in the state house in Augusta. I championed women’s issues as the Executive Director of the Maine Women’s Lobby and as the Commissioner for Women under two governors. I started an advocacy business, Moose Ridge Associates, in 1996 when I realized the Mainers who really needed a voice at the table were not being represented. I asked a lot of people who needed representation to each give a little so that collectively we could have a strong voice in Augusta.

A Fierce Advocate

In my work as an advocate, I have fought for reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, benefits for the elderly, and support for people with disabilities. I have advocated for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, for LGBTQ rights, and for the protection of Maine’s incredible natural resources. I have helped gain significant victories for all of these groups in Maine. I wrote and helped pass the first Family Medical Leave Act in the country, and I helped create the first Clean Elections system in the country right here in Maine because I saw first-hand the corrupting influence of money in politics and policy making. 

An Innovator

Outside of the statehouse, I worked to create the Civil Rights Team Project, an anti-bullying program that is now in over 400 schools. I provide sexual harassment prevention training for businesses, schools, and agencies. I am also the proud single mom of three spectacular young women.

We need a courageous voice in Washington: our voice—not that of corporations, special interests, and big donors. I am running for the Senate because now is not the time for half measures or baby steps. We have to take bold action to fix the serious challenges posed by unaffordable healthcare, the climate crisis that’s ruining our fisheries and farming economies, and racial and gender inequity and injustice. We need to take our democracy back. I want to be your voice in Washington, so that Mainers will have a fighting chance.

In Solidarity, Betsy