In Your Corner

Betsy’s Statewide Town Hall Tour
Will You Join US?

Betsy Sweet is running for the United States Senate the way politicians used to do it: talking to the people she will represent, every day, all across Maine. She is listening, empathizing, persuading, planning and getting exciting by the new ideas she hears. Betsy is, and always has been, a optimist, an activist, and a doer. She is in your corner because that’s where she’s always been—working to make our world a better place for everybody. Together we can discover solutions and bring them alive. Betsy is a forceful intellect, a dynamic speaker with the warmth and charm of a person who lives for others. Attend a town hall event and you’ll be on her side too.

Betsy knows that working together is true power. And together is how Betsy is going to win: every volunteer, every door knocked, every dollar raised. This is your campaign. Betsy needs you to talk to your children, friends, coworkers and neighbors. She’s counting on you to spread the word and share your hope. And she needs volunteers. Because her campaign doesn’t have out-of-state PACs and big donors writing checks, so her team needs you to knock on doors, attend events, write letters to your newspaper, contribute some money, and share your talents. To restore our democracy, it will take all of us to believe that we can.