On The Issues

Here are a few of my policy priorities.

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End the Corrupt Influence of Money in Politics


Money in politics is the rotten core of our political system. We will never make progress on any of our most pressing issues until we ensure citizens are choosing their representatives and leaders, rather than the reverse; elections are safe and open; policies and laws help all of us not just a monied few; and those who serve in Washington represents their constituents, not lobbyists. I help create and pass Maine’s Clean Elections program that allows everyday people, not just the rich and connected, to run for office. Let’s make that program federal. We must repeal Citizen’s United, require PACs to disclose all donors, and insist upon honest conversation and representation in place of attack ads and misinformation. Our political system has gone off the rails; it’s up to all of us to put it back on track.

Medicare for All

No one should go without healthcare. I will fight like hell for this.

A Green New Deal

Maine can become the #1 producer of renewable energy in the nation. We are uniquely poised to lead the way in tidal, solar, wind, agricultural technologies for renewable energy. We need to transition this nation to a clean economy, one that creates jobs and industries of the future rather than enabling dependency on polluting fossil fuels. We can do that with bold action and federal investment.

Strong Economy, Local Jobs

Because we need to support our Maine businesses and rural economies and keep more of our money right here at home. How about reallocating some of the giant federal subsidies from mega corporations that don’t need the money to small-scale, local farms that replenish the environment while feeding people.

Pro-Choice and Pro-Women’s Health Services

Having control over our own bodies is the bottom line.  There is no equality without it. And it is meaningless unless we have access to affordable, quality services in our own communities.