Human Rights


Protect access to reproductive health care. 

As a pioneer for women’s rights in Maine for the last three decades, I have worked on every pro-choice piece of legislation that has been considered (and fought those who would restrict that right).

LGBTQ rights.  We must insure and enhance equal protection under the law for all our citizens, including our health care system, rights for transgender people, and assuring the safety of our youth in schools and on our streets. I support learning in our schools that explores issues and choices concerning bullying and harassment, courage and cooperation in their day-to-day lives. Again, I have been a stalwart activist to bring about these rights for 35 years.

Let’s welcome immigrants. We can develop a system that recognizes and accredits degrees and experience from other countries. We already have engineers and physicians and skilled workers of all kinds unable to use those skills because we do not do this. 

I support Paid Family Medical Leave and Earned Sick Leave. I support Equal Pay for Equal Work for women and minorities. In Washington I will seek to establish a Commission on Racial Justice and Equality to help government in analyzing policies, practices and procedures that improve income, health care and aspirational disparities.

I believe in the principles of Compassionate Conservation: do no harm, individuals matter, value all life and work toward peaceful coexistence. We can and should live harmoniously with our fellow citizens, welcome newcomers, treat other nations with respect, and live in balance with wildlife and the environment. I look forward to working to working with other senators to protect our amazing natural resources and wild places.