Gun Safety

Listen to what our young people are saying.


They don’t want to grow up in a world of fear and danger—and they shouldn’t have to. No other country allows citizens to walk into a store and buy an automatic weapon, or go online to stockpile an arsenal of military weapons and ammunition. No other civilized country in the world has anything close to the scale of handgun homicides and suicides, daily violence and murder, weekly massacres like we do. It is horrific, inexcusable and must be stopped.

I support a ban on the sale of assault weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity ammunition clip. I support background checks for all gun sales.  I will work with people in all parts of the country to find ways to protect our school children, police officers and fellow citizens while also respecting beloved rural traditions of hunting and target shooting.

I will not accept one penny from the NRA (or any other special interest group). We need to get big money out of politics to begin a rational discussion and make changes to the issues we care about, including our safety and well-being. I am running to represent you, our children and our communities, not the gun lobby. I’m not afraid of the NRA. The first and most urgent job of an elected official is to protect citizens’ safety. I think we can all agree Washington is falling woefully short on that fundamental responsibility. I will be different; I will fight every day to reduce gun deaths and the fear we all live with now. It is unacceptable in this great nation.