An Environmental Economy

Renewable energy for a prosperous economic future

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Maine is uniquely poised to become a leader in renewable energy. We have powerful tidal, wind and solar across this amazing landscape rich with natural resources. I will help this state step into he forefront of a green economy in hopes others will see the myriad benefits and join in.

When I am a Senator, I will stand firm: no federal money or approvals for more fossil fuel use.  No more pipelines, refineries, drilling or exploitation of our natural world. We must invest in solar, wind, hydro, tidal, agricultural and many other new and exciting technologies that will power our future energy and economy while saving the planet. Climate change is very real and very here. We are already spending hundreds of billions of dollars in disaster recovery relief, rebuilding and insurance. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on saving the earth by growing a new and sustainable economy? I think so.

Fund the Department of Transportation to support infrastructure that encourages people to bike, walk, drive electric, or use public transportation. Urban and rural planning needs a greater diversity of connections so that people can be outdoors safely in their communities. I support a systems of public transportation that reinvests in an infrastructure that is safe, affordable and green.

I will promote electric cars by ensuring charging stations, convert state government fleet and even public transportation over time to all electric, initiate tax rebates for electric car purchases. As your Senator, I will help state governments to incorporate green organization and best sustainable practices.

I will add Maine to the 15 other states who have signed onto an alliance to achieve Paris Agreement climate goals by 2025.