Our democracy is struggling.


It is is being weakened by forces at home and abroad. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, intimidation, and closing voting locations are blatant attacks on every citizen’s right to vote. Dark money buying misleading attack ads is an assault on our democracy. Fake news, misinformation, foreign meddling and Russian hacking is an assault on our democracy.

Restoring and strengthening every American’s fundamental right to vote will not be easy; there is a lot of money at stake. And yet, we will win this fight because Americans know their right to vote and be counted is the foundation upon which the government is built. We will need to hold local election officials accountable by enforcing the Voting Rights Act and outlaw partisan gerrymandering by both parties. 

I will speak out against bigotry, racism and those who seek to divide us because when hatred and prejudice seep into our attitudes and politics, it leaves us vulnerable to hate-filled people tearing us apart and sowing chaos. We cannot stand for this; we are better united. I will strengthen our nation and democracy by fighting to give everyone a voice and opportunity to succeed—because that is the America I love.