We Need Your Support

Let’s do this together!


Money in politics is the rotten core of our political system. We’ll never make progress on any of the most urgent issues until we create a political system that serves the citizens, not lobbyists, corporations and the ultra rich. I helped to write and pass the Clean Elections program in Maine that makes sure real people, not just the wealthy and connected, can run for office and win. It’s time to repeal Citizen’s United. It’s time to require PACs to disclose all the donors. And that’s just a start.

To achieve real change in Washington, I need to win. Senator Collins has become entrenched; she is beholden to special interests, the Republican party and large donors. She doesn’t work for Maine people anymore. So, what will it take to win? A candidate with big aspirations and boundless energy to get things done. We needs to elect a fierce and determined advocate with grassroots expertise and a proven track record of mobilizing people who insist on progress. We need a progressive fighter—that’s me.

But I simply cannot do it alone. I need your involvement, your energy, your contributions. We’re up against national PACs backing Susan Collins because they don’t want change. But we can prevail—if we work together.

So if you would like to be a part of changing our national politics to become more compassionate, effective, fair, reasonable and representative, please click here for our ActBlue fundraising page. Thank you!