I’m running for United States Senate because now is the time for urgent and bold action.

I have spent my adult life fighting for Mainers, working to ensure health care for all, good jobs, protecting a woman’s right to choose. We have serious challenges in our communities and our families, and we used to think that Susan Collins had our backs. But this past year has shown us that Susan Collins is not on our side. I’m running because Mainers need someone who will listen and fight for you.

If you want politics as usual, I’m not your candidate. But if you want someone who has spent the last 37 years working to fix what is broken in our political system, I am the candidate for you.

Change only happens when we demand it and then act on our beliefs. That’s what this campaign is about. We win this by knocking on every door, talking to every neighbor, sharing our values, figuring out practical solutions that work, and connecting with enough grassroots donors to beat the corrupting tide of money in politics.

Betsy Sweet is a pioneering activist who brings people together to get big, bold ideas done.

She helped found the Dirigo Alliance, Equality Maine, the Maine Center for Economic Policy, and many other coalitions, knowing we are stronger together. Today, Betsy runs an advocacy business that fights for women, seniors, people with disabilities, victims of abuse and discrimination, and Maine’s environment.

Fights for families: Betsy led the fight to pass Maine’s Family & Medical Leave Act in 1987 that became a model for the nation.

Fights for women: Betsy won the largest one-time increase in domestic violence prevention in Maine’s history.

Fights the powerful: She wrote and passed the Maine Clean Elections Law, America’s first ever, to put power in the hands of regular people, not corporations and PACs.

Are you in?