I offer mediumship readings in both group and individual settings. The messages I receive are related to a person’s healing and growth. They are not predictive (for example, “you will meet a friend in a green coat on Thursday”) – but more along the lines of passed love ones or guides providing advice, helping to heal past hurts, or offering specific tools and visualizations you can use to help you in your journey. INDIVIDUAL READINGS After speaking with you for a bit about what is currently going on in your life I will “tune in” and see what information is available for you. Often more than one person or guide will come with information. I generally “see” the person and feel their presence and then share their guidance with you. I do not “channel” per se, nor do I consider myself “psychic” ~ rather I serve as a conduit for the messages that guides and your loved ones want to get through to you. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to access this information, but we are both discouraged from hearing it in our culture, and we don’t have the time to sit and listen. I feel humbled and honored to serve as a short cut – and conduit for sharing this wisdom. These sessions are approximately 45 minutes Cost is $90 Available by Phone/Skype/Facetime

"Thank you so much for that awesome reading yesterday, Betsy! For the safe and warm space you created for all of us on a blustery day, for the gentleness and wisdom and open heart you brought and delivered, and for helping bring us the messages to help us do our work. I am grateful. Many blessings and thanks again."

- F.D

SPIRITSOUNDS GALLERY READINGS Readings are done in a group setting with 6-10 people. We begin with introductions, a guided meditation and then I bring messages through to people individually. Most often the people in the group do not know each other, but each participant in the group not only receives their own message, but is greatly nourished by listening to the readings of the others in the group ~ often a theme develops. Cost $30/person